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has been engaged in developments for general mechanical engineering since 1968. Here, components for the transit rail vehicle industry have always stood in the foreground.

IBEG mass transit systems have brought ongoing improvements into its field of operation, which today are fixed components of modern rail vehicles.

Australian Transport Systems are the Australian, New Zealand and South East Asian agents for IBEG traction sanding systems, sand boxes and sand nozzles for the railway and tramway industry.

IBEG sand filling nozzle
IBEG sand filling pistol for dust free operation.

ATS are also representatives for other IBEG transit rail products including, IBEG railway carriage entry ramps for disabled access and passenger safety, sliding and folding access steps, bridge plates, bogie assembly / test rigs and alignment stands, wheel profile system, chevron testing system, deadman pedals, foot pedals and driver's cabin heaters.

Traction Sanding Systems -
IBEG has been developing and delivering pneumatic sanding systems for rail vehicles since 1985. More than 20,000 systems are currently in use worldwide. IBEG can therefore, quite rightly, claim the title of the biggest systems supplier worldwide.

IBEG products are in use all over the world and must therefore be able to operate at full capacity with little or no maintenance required.

IBEG has designed traction sanding systems for placement within LRV wall cavities, under seats, within support columns, and under the vehicle.

As a total solution provider, IBEG GmbH has introduced the “missing link” in its traction sanding systems; the new IBEG Mobile Sand Filling System. The filling process for the traction sand system can now be carried out in a short period of time, automatically, dust-free, under no pressure and to a capacity of 95%. It can be configured for mobile use on wheels, as a feeder, or interfaced as a floor-conveyor system.

The IBEG system is easily operated by one person. All processes, from air preparation through actual sand filling are automatic.

The versatile sand filling nozzle can be moved during loading assuring a maximum fill at all times.

IBEG rail traction sanding system
IBEG rail traction sanding system

Transit Rail Access Systems -
IBEG GmbH is not limited only to traction sanding systems – Their broad range of custom designed bridge plates, handicap access ramps, sliding steps, folding steps and movable stairs continue to fulfil the demands of the transit industry.

State of the art access ramps and folding steps bridge the varying gaps between platform and vehicle and ensures safe access for all passengers. Access ramps are essential for handicapped rail travellers and in particular, wheelchair users.

IBEG have been designing and manufacturing moveable entry systems for passenger transportation systems since 1972.

IBEG manufacture both electric and pneumatic drive units.

IBEG access ramp for safer railway carriage entry
IBEG retractable access ramps are especially helpful for disabled travellers.

Australian Transport Systems supply IBEG spare parts replacement and warranty service.
ATS have been serving rail and transit authorities since 1997. Their staff's wide experience has been gained from many years of service in the railway and tramway workshops.

IBEG and Australian Transport Systems –
“Your Partners in Transit System Components”

Please visit the IBEG GmbH Website for detailed information on their broad product range.

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